Take a seat

  By the beginning of the 1996 school year, the University of Denver's Graduate School of Public Affairs will choose a professor to hold the Timothy E. Wirth Chair in Environmental and Community Development Policy. The chair honors the former Colorado senator who is currently undersecretary of state for global affairs, appointed by President Bill Clinton. Ten years ago, then Dean Marshall Kaplan started raising money for the chair, and after a Nov. 10 dinner featuring Vice President Al Gore as the keynote speaker, he met his goal: $1.4 million raised by some 2,000 donors. A series of lectures by former and current EPA administrators are scheduled for the upcoming month which the college hopes will set the tone for the chair. Speakers include Anne Burford, a Reagan appointee, April 25; William Reilly, a Bush appointee, May 7; and current EPA administrator Carol Browner, May 16. For reservations, call Catherine Rafferty at the University of Denver, 303/820-5602. - Bill Taylor

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