DIA's skies aren't friendly

  It's not easy to talk with John Henderson at his Elbert County home. Though he lives 30 miles from the Denver International Airport, he counts 150 jets passing over his home on most days.

"It's like standing next to a vacuum cleaner," Henderson says, when a 747 thunders just 3,000 feet over his house after take off. Henderson, who has joined the Concerned Citizens About Airport Noise, Environment and Safety, says the airport never consulted residents before sending jets over their homes. Citing the 60,000 noise complaints DIA received in the first nine months it was open, the citizens' group says it's time for the Federal Aviation Administration and DIA to design new and higher flight patterns. The group, based in Elizabeth, Colo., has raised $10,000 to hire a route consultant to negotiate with the FAA and DIA. - Dustin Solberg

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