Sportsmen sue to remove prison

  Two western Colorado sportsmen have notified the state of Colorado that they will bring a lawsuit against it for illegally building a prison in a state wildife area.

Tom Huerkamp and Bob Morris say state prison officials built a 300-bed facility in the Escalante Wildlife Area, outside Delta, Colo., even though the land was purchased with tax money paid by hunters and fishermen (HCN, 6/26/95). "Sportsmen are getting ripped off," Huerkamp says.

The lawsuit will demand removal of the prison or replacing it with a more compatible facility, such as a wildlife research center, and compensation to hunters for 30 years of back rent.

But Delta prison superintendent Bob Hickox says the lockup stays. "Those were things that were done over 30 years ago, and we can't control what happened back then," he told The Valley Chronicle, a local monthly paper. "I think we have a good record here now, and we're not going anywhere."

*Paul Larmer

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