As Lake Powell levels drop, see inside Glen Canyon Dam

The hydropower plant that powers about a quarter of a million homes is run by a team of mechanics, electricians and more.

  • Arlo Ketchum, a power plant electrician, works on the PMG (permanent magnet generator) from one of the turbines. The PMG is the “brain” of the machine, communicating with the other turbine components. Much of the plant’s technology is unchanged since it was built in 1964, so replacement parts can be hard to find and must often be refurbished or replicated by staff.

  • Pieces of a permanent magnet generator from one of the turbines.

  • Electrician Ray Dugi bikes into the dam’s machine shop; employees use bike toolboxes to get around the huge power plant. Dugi has worked at the dam for 25 years.

  • Glen Canyon workers are reflected in the windows surrounding the hydropower turbines.