Letter: Beautiful and informative


I just had to reach out with my compliments for the exceptionally interesting and presented article, “The nuance and beauty of the West in 2021,” (hcn.org, 1/5/22). I really did enjoy the prompt to pause this Sunday morning and journey with you through the highlights of HCN’s 2021 reportage. 

Each month was presented beautifully and the hyperlinks within, to further read about the highlights, were useful and welcoming portals.

You have done a great job in honoring the work of HCN’s writers, editors and photographers, and you have reminded me, the reader, of the importance of High Country News’ work out there, to inform me and stoke my interest in this West, which I am a part of. 

I love it and am all the more eager to further my engagement for 2022.

Magnolia Vahey
Albuquerque, New Mexico

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