Who owns these bones?

March 4, 1996

The Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show in Tucson highlights the growing controversy over who has the right to valuable fossils found on public lands.


Who owns these bones?
The Arizona Mineral and Fossil Show in Tucson highlights the growing controversy over who has the right to valuable fossils found on public lands.


Dinosaur bones have really increased in price
Rock shop owner Lin Ottinger in his own words on fossil hunting.
Fossils are being destroyed by people who are loving them to death
Archaeologist Bruce Louthan in his own words on fossil looting.
I was a sheep rancher in western Wyoming
Rick Hebdon in his own words on digging fossils.
People respond to owning a piece of the earth's crust
Buying a personal dinosaur has never been easier, whether through art-work, auctions or the Internet.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Poodle-free Montana, militias, peyote bust, the spiritual center of the universe.

Dear Friends

Dear Friends
Corrections, it's easy to run HCN, visitors, remembering James Gould Bradley, Colorado conferences.


One less voice
After 17 years, the Utah Wilderness Association closes its doors because of staff departures and financial troubles.
Idaho just says no to hydro dam
The Idaho Land Board rejects a proposed dam on the Snake River at Auger Falls.
Idaho could move toward the center
Walt Minnick will run as a Democrat against Republican Larry Craig in Idaho for the Senate.
Did the Forest Service burn New Mexico enviros?
Plans for salvage logging on New Mexico's Eagle Peak lead environmentalists to charge that the forest fire there was no accident.
Leaving room for cows and horses
Oakley, Utah adopts a development code with a "right to farm provision" in an attempt to preserve its rural way of life.
Permits not part of Rainbow values
Members of the countercultural Rainbow Family say the Forest Service's new permit requirement threatens their annual gatherings.
Tribes beat back oil giants
The Confederated Salish and Kootenai tribes refuse to let the Yellowstone Pipe Line Co. run a petroleum pipeline across the Flathead Reservation in Montana.
The Diamond Bar saga goes on - and on
The Gila National Forest's decision authorizing 15 stock tanks on New Mexico's Diamond Bar allotment in a wilderness area is overturned by Forest Service Chief Jack Ward Thomas.
A lie this big
John Talbott, director of the Wyoming Game and Fish Department, is caught fishing without a license - and then caught forging a license.
Tooele loses support
Utah's Tooele County revokes its approval of a plan to incinerate chemical weapons at the Tooele Army Depot.
Nevada county to Army: Take this smog and shove it
Fearing potential contamination, Nevada's Washoe County sues to stop explosions of outdated munitions at nearby Sierra Army Depot in California.
Sportsmen sue to remove prison
Tom Huerkamp and Bob Morris plan to sue the State of Colorado for illegally building a prison in a state wildlife area.
Flooding: Whose fault?
Environmentalists say manmade causes such as logging and road-building contributed to flooding and landslides in the Northwest during a wet winter.
DIA's skies aren't friendly
Citizens About Airport Noise, Environment and Safety protest Denver International Airport.
Nuclear waste deal challenged
Idaho State Sen. Clint Stennett accuses Gov. Phil Batt of abusing executive power by signing a nuclear waste deal with the federal government.


True portentousness on a Wyoming highway
A road trip across Wyoming moves the writer to muse about the glories of living in an "unedited" version of the West.


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