Let's get real in New Mexico

  Dear HCN:

Your article on firewood cutting in New Mexico's Carson National Forest (HCN, 12/25/95) correctly states that the Mexican spotted owl has only been found in one remote area of the forest. If we are to protect habitat for species that are not there, let's start at the beginning: Protect the fragile dinosaur habitat.

The environmentalists in the story are the same people who refused to comment about the Rainbow Family gathering of 18,000 which occurred last summer on the Tres Piedras District of the Carson. Sam Hitt called the gathering a "local" problem in one news article. If 18,000 people do not pose a problem for spotted owl habitat, then how can people gathering mostly dead and down wood for basic survival be a major problem?

The environmentalists delivered wood to needy people. Where did they get the wood from? What species did they disturb? Perhaps the solution is for environmentalists to personally pay for alternative forms of heat.

Randy Schofield

Tres Piedras, New Mexico

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