Hunting attracts weak egos

  Dear HCN:

One does not have to look very far or deep to discover that hunting is a sport for insecure egos and has nothing to do with sound biology, ecology or science (HCN, 12/11/95).

Our game and fish agencies are for hunters by hunters and their feet have to be held to the fire to even think of non-game species which compose virtually all of our wildlife species. In fact, their definition of wildlife is synonymous with target.

It is interesting to hear that game species populations are in such great shape, but they never tell us that non-game species have seen a concomitant decline. If wildlife biology was a science rather than a sport the efforts would be 90 percent for non-game and 10 percent for game.

In the process of supplying ample targets for the minority, non-game populations are often harmed and habitat degraded.

If there is such good science involved in game management, why do our wildlife agencies and organizations continue to violate conservation biology principles by introducing and maintaining exotic species? Instead of improving habitat, much of wildlife management creates prime habitat for exotics and hunting and little else.

Randy Bangert

Flagstaff, Arizona

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