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Know the West

Best wishes


I’ve been an on-and-off subscriber and occasional contributor to High Country News for so many years I’ve lost track — roughly 25. I just received the June issue, along with a sticker saying it is my last one and that I need to renew. I opened it to read your inaugural Editor’s Note (by Editor-in-Chief Jennifer Sahn) and was absolutely delighted to discover a kindred spirit. All — literally all — of my spiritual experiences have been in wild places, and at age 59 I still go into the wilderness, often alone, to nurture that connection and restore my sense of faith and my sense of responsibility to protect nature and its inhabitants, and to create a path for humans to live sustainably with our fellow travelers on this Earth. On the strength and inspiration of your inaugural issue, I’m renewing my subscription and sending a contribution to HCN. We may never meet, but I will think of you and send you my best wishes with every issue I read.

Tom Starrs
Portland, Oregon