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Know the West

Top-notch photography


The color photographs in the “End of the Line” issue helped me link the stories:  the sun shining on the site of a future hospital, bison grazing in the soon-to-be-tribal Bison Range, and alpacas grazing in Colorado ranchland under the eyes of LGBTQ+ herders. Smokestacks of the Navajo Generating Station come tumbling down in a giant dust cloud as tribal members observe the demolition. The portrait of an enduring Diné couple contrasts with the portraits and reflections of coal-plant workers. Harbingers of the energy transition just now underway: wind turbines on a Wyoming ridgeline and solar panels near Kayenta. Top-notch photographic journalism helps us all envision the changing landscape of the West, spurred by social awareness and the impacts of climate change.

Phil and Joyce Nelson
Golden, Colorado