Subscribing in response to reporting


Nick Bowlin’s piece “Second Citizens” was an absolute gem. The reporting and emotion invoked were beautiful, and I want to thank Bowlin from my heart for stirring it up. As someone who lived in Steamboat Springs, Colorado, for five years (and moved around a lot) I understand the dynamic intricacies of a seasonal town and what home means to us. I was shocked at how the county responded to the second-home owners, but substantially more disturbed at their sense of entitlement; their production of a “naughty” list by was outright wicked and delusional. I want to thank Bowlin for not imposing bias. The final three paragraphs of the article are something we all should sink into a couch or chair or special place and cogitate about from time to time.  

Ryan (Last name withheld by request)
Phoenix, Arizona

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