Fair and balanced


My sincere and respectful congratulations for the fine article on the Gunnison election. As an aged near-native of the area who still carefully reads the Gunnison Country Times, I can verify your descriptions and revelations, and appreciate your deft manner of educating us all on the local background issues. I found your descriptions to be fair and balanced as well — difficult to manage in such a diverse environment.

I’ve often reflected on the lack of minorities in our local schools and communities decades ago. Now there is a larger non-white minority group, and Black Lives Matters in Crested Butte.

Local bookstore owner Arvin Ramgoolam’s remarks at the end are very true. When your very existence — physically, financially, spiritually and emotionally — is dependent on the actions and support of the other humans you live with in an isolated community, you experience being part of a tapestry that must consider and support the well-being of all inhabitants. The second-home owners are impoverished by not earning and enjoying membership in this tapestry.

Thanks so much for doing this careful reporting over the past year.

Diane Curlette
Boulder, Colorado

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