Invasive species


Loved “Am I an invasive species” by Jenny Liou (August 2020). My partner and I often refer to the homogenization of skin tones in our discussions of world events. At the same time, I love to learn about other cultures. The stories and experiences of my Northern European ancestry along with my remarkably white suburban childhood seem to pale as I absorb the history and customs from other parts of the world. I would miss not having these additional layers of my worldview. Will future generations care? Will it really hurt the ecology of this planet if the Idaho prairie becomes a wild field of chrysanthemums? How are we doing without bull trout in our lives? When I dream of living elsewhere, I have a choice of anywhere in the world. Can we embrace instead of fearing, as Ms. Liou is showing us? We must do what is healthy for the future of all, not assuming that the past or status quo is the only way.

Barbara Spencer
Grants Pass, Oregon

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