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Know the West

A rotting democracy


A Cherokee for Trump” and “Party Favors” (12/9/19) by Graham Lee Brewer and Will Ford seem bookends to each other, detailing really bad politics. Both portend a dismal outcome for our nation. In Brewer’s article, the Oklahoma congressman seems to enjoy contradictory support from his own fragmented people.(“There are a lot of conservative hardcore evangelical Cherokees who believe he is doing the right thing.”)  In fact, many evangelicals see Trump’s Christian Ship as a rotten boat. What this might mean for the congressperson’s support, we shall see.

Meanwhile, Ford’s article shows us a different rotting vessel, the increased exposure of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee as a vicious myopic enterprise cobbling together any candidate as a frontrunner, regardless of their waffling vision. It is obvious that the DCCC’s real aim is to avoid electing candidates who are the moral and ethical future of their party and the nation, in favor of any political factotum who agrees to hang on to the status quo. To salvage the present state, liberals are going to have to become Progressives with a capital “P” and realize they have to deal hardball with this decrepit party apparatus.

—John Roehling