Judi Bari and Redwood Summer


Thank you for publishing Adam Sowards’ excellent perspective (“30 years later, the lessons of Redwood Summer,” November 2020). It’s a good time to remember Judi Bari’s role in helping to organize and publicize the events of that summer and beyond. Her background of living and working as a carpenter in the logging towns of Northern California, together with her compassionate sense of revolutionary ecology, led Judi to clarify that activists and loggers and woodworkers were not opponents in the war against corporate extermination of old-growth forests, and thus forest jobs. It is especially tragic and deeply unjust that Judi and her friend Darryl Cherney were badly injured by a bomb planted in their car, and then absurdly accused by the FBI of having set the bomb there themselves, as though they were planning a violent event. To the contrary, Judi’s most “dangerous” legacy is of speaking, and singing, the truth powerfully and beautifully about the links between social and environmental exploitation.

I can hear Judi Bari’s voice still.

Bill Travers
Chico, California

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