How do you cover the West?


I enjoyed reading the interview with editors Betsy Marston and Paul Larmer, “A little paper with clout” (September 2020). There were two questions posed regarding HCN’s increasing coverage of social issues as opposed to strictly natural resources and public-lands issues. Please, please, please don’t stop covering social issues and city issues. 

HCN has its finger on the pulse: Intersectionality is becoming increasingly important and recognized, and there is a lot of movement toward recognizing how social issues and environmental/natural resource issues are entwined. This is what younger readers who care about the environment are looking for. If HCN covers strictly natural resource issues without recognizing the social component, it will become irrelevant and extinct. HCN has been a big part of my journey toward understanding intersectional environmentalism, so please don’t stop doing what you’re doing! Stay woke. 

Ashley Saulsberry
Salt Lake City, Utah

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