Lack of enchantment: Santa Fe's boom goes flat

February 5, 1996

Santa Fe's hotel and tourism industry blames populist Mayor Debbie Jaramillo for the slowing of the city's upscale boom.


Lack of enchantment
Santa Fe's hotel and tourism industry blames populist Mayor Debbie Jaramillo for the slowing of the city's upscale boom.


The thing about the West is that every jerk is figuring out how to rip up the landscape, and the laws in the West let him
In his own words, an anonymous retired East Coast businessman explains his disillusionment with the West and his decision not to buy property there.


One man's good move
The writer describes how his New Yorker father fell in love with, and eventually moved to, Santa Fe.
Separating sense from nonsense in New Mexico's forests
New Mexico environmentalists need to quit shouting and squabbling and try to understand rural Hispanic needs and values.
...and the words from the meaning on the Nevada range
The "war of words," started by wise users and taken up by environmentalists, needs to end in a truce and a turn to non-violent language.
Don't just stand there: Get arrested
Two Cove-Mallard protest veterans offer a light-hearted list of dos and don'ts for those facing arrest for civil disobedience.

Book Reviews

Miners seek jackpot
Despite a depressed market, Green Mountain Mining Venture asks the BLM for permission to open the Jackpot uranium mine.
Essayist Ann Ronald and photographer Stephen Trimble celebrate Nevada in the book "Earthtones: A Nevada Album."
Keeping the wolf at bay
U.S. Fish and Wildlife issues a draft propoal that would allow the agency to remove the wolf from the endangered list before environmentalists think it is recovered.
American Ground Zero
Photographer Carole Gallagher profiles the West's downwinders and atomic veterans in a show and lecture in Denver, Colorado.
How they beat takings
The Environmental Working Group publishes a pamphlet describing how a proposed "takings" law in Washington was defeated.
Bees need our backing
The Forgotten Pollinators Campaign seeks to warn Americans about the decline of honey bees and other pollinators.
Threatened and Endangered Species are our Mine Canaries
Klamath Basin Bald Eagle Conference in Klamath Falls, Oregon.
Great Salt Lake Issues Symposium
Great Salt Lake Issues Symposium, an educational forum, held Feb. 10.

Heard Around the West

Heard around the West
Pizza-eating wolf, Crow Nation loses rights to Big Horn Nat'l Forest, football in Lyman, Wyo., retirement benefits for Alan Simpson and Pat Schroeder, Linda Hasselstrom overhears conversation about Jackson and Wyoming, taxi drivers at DIA.

Dear Friends

Dear friends
Colorado Springs board meeting, long-range planning, index and superindex, Tony Davis wins award, Adam Duerk recovers from fall.


Catron County wins in court, loses on the ground
Catron County, N.M.'s land ordinances survive an environmental lawsuit, but fail to be enforced on the ground.
Facts take a beating on the range
New Mexico State's Range Improvement Task Force issues a press release saying the Diamond Bar allotment is not overgrazed, and environmentalists and scientist critics cry "pseudoscience."
Williams leaves, Montana scrambles
Republican challengers race to fill the seat abandoned by retiring Democratic Rep. Pat Williams.
Land Board bias questioned
Idaho environmentalists fight with the state Land Board over leasing parcels for conservation instead of grazing and win a court victory.
Montanans take to the ballot
A coalition of sportsmen, ranchers and environmentalists called Montanans for Clean Water puts an initiative on the fall ballot designed to toughen the state's water laws.
The secret life of wolverines
Researchers study the elusive wolverine and discover new facts about the animal's range, numbers, social life and sexual behavior.
Wolf from Canada killed by U.S. red tape
A captured Canadian wolf destined for release in Idaho is killed after biting a biologist's thumb.
Buffalo hunt halted
A coalition of animal rights groups and Indian tribes stops New Mexico from staging buffalo hunts on the decommissioned Army depot Fort Wingate.
Jury convicts a grave robber
Oregon resident Jack Lee Harelson is found guilty of looting an Indian burial cave in Nevada, and pothunter Earl Shumway is sentenced in Utah to six-and-one-half years.
Of raptors and rifles
Rancher Jim Maitland rescues an injured golden eagle in southwestern Oregon.
Power to the power boats
Floatboaters object to Republican Sen. Larry Craig's bill allowing powerboats unlimited access to Hells Canyon.


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