Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: The Future of the West

  Northeastern Nevada's Elko County has been torn apart by conflict between ranchers and the Forest Service (HCN, 10/30/95). But there are efforts under way to create some common ground by weaving together environmental values and sustainable grazing practices. The Great Basin College in Elko wants to be part of that change. During the Cowboy Poetry Gathering, which brings thousands of visitors to Elko this month, the college is sponsoring a workshop with Dan Dagget, author of Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: Toward a West that Works, and members of a holistic resource management team from the local Cottonwood Ranch in Jarbidge, Nev., including team-building facilitators Tommie Martin and Dennis Moroney. The workshop, Beyond the Rangeland Conflict: The Future of the West, will be held Jan. 31, at 2 p.m., in room GTA 130 at Great Basin College in Elko. Call 702/753-2231 or 702/753-2301.

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