Hunting is no joke

  Dear HCN,

I am offended at the characterization of hunting as a sport; to me, it is serious business (HCN, 12/11/95). I have taken 25 large ungulates over the past 18 years, but I do not have any of their heads displayed on my wall. I hunt for meat, not for trophies, seeking the animal whose flesh makes the most tender and tasty meat for my table, not the one whose antlers or horns would make an object of pride.

Every time I kill an animal there is a passage of the spirit of that animal into and through me. I become responsible to the universe for the safe passage of the spirit of that elk or deer. I accept that. It is not a hard thing but requires acknowledgement, the payment of some respect, and trust in a natural order. The animals are not "resources' to me; they are relations.

William Thompson

Missoula, Montana
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