Curious critters


I want to thank you for publishing Beth Pratt’s piece, “We shouldn’t celebrate the killing of a mountain lion” (HCN, 4/15/19). Mainstream media seems to always sensationalize these sorts of events and never goes back to give readers the rest of the story. Someone in my area picked up on this “danger” and wrote a hysterical piece for our local paper. As someone who has run the local foothills for decades (making sure I’m aware of my surroundings), it totally amazes me how little people understand about the natural world. Especially when supposed wildlife “experts” tell the community to haze animals to make sure they keep their “natural fear” of people. Fear is something that is learned, not genetically built into a creature. The critters I’ve encountered over the years show a natural curiosity — like most human children. 

Sally Cuffin
Littleton, Colorado

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