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Know the West

Stop the Border Police state


Kudos to Ruxandra Guidi for journalistic excellence and her report on the Border Police’s abuse of, among other principles of democracy, the First Amendment (“Detention nation,” HCN, 3/18/19). Guidi reports the truth (there is no such thing as an “alternative fact”) in a clear, concise and logical progression, without name-calling, supposition or what rhetoricians call metadiscourse. Her report suggests that all Americans need to reconsider — and act decisively and stop — the intentional erosion of our democracy and human decency and rights by recent federal and state administrations. Speak out, vote, write, call, protest, lay your body on the line; police states are only stopped by us. Remember your uncles, grandmas, friends and ancestors who stepped up to stop Hitler, George III, the Ku Klux Klan, and the many other scum who have threatened decent civilization.

Dave Mandel
El Cerrito, California