Roadkill beats factory-farmed


If one wishes to eat animal flesh, then Ella Jacobson is correct that it’s far more ethical to eat animals that were accidentally killed on highways than ones cruelly killed in slaughterhouses (“Road-killed cuisine for the Anthropocene,” HCN, 2/4/19). Unlike cows, chickens and pigs, most animals killed on roads have lived a free life and died a fast, unexpected death. Animals raised for food, on the other hand, are imprisoned in filthy, crowded cages, crates and sheds. They never breathe fresh air or feel the grass beneath their feet. They’re torn away from their loved ones, and many are castrated, branded, debeaked or subjected to other painful procedures. At the slaughterhouse, they’re often scalded alive or dismembered while they’re still conscious. If the thought of supporting such cruelty makes you sick to your stomach, then opt for roadkill, or, better yet, tasty vegan foods.

Heather Moore
Norfolk, Virginia

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