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Know the West

Journalistic insanity


I just received my Feb. 4 issue of HCN and was surprised to see that the “environmental bi-weekly for people who care about the West” had morphed into Rolling Stone. With Donald Trump in the White House dismantling environmental regulations, assaulting the Endangered Species Act, filling top spots with corporate polluters and environmental destroyers, attacking national monuments and wilderness, bailing on global heatstroke — what the hell is HCN doing committing its cover and 10 precious pages to a Native American female punk rock group that accomplishes zero for any critical environmental cause? Please, put down the mind-altering and values-altering substances and return to fighting the good fight on behalf of planetary survival and big wild things in big wild places. If it wouldn’t add to my carbon footprint, I’d burn the current issue.

Brian Peck
Columbia Falls, Montana