Predators vs. CWD


As a lifelong hunter reared in Denver, and someone who harvested a mule deer near Paonia, Colorado, 60-odd years ago with an 1873 Springfield .45-70, I found Christine Peterson’s reflection on chronic wasting disease very interesting (“Weighing the risksHCN, 10/28/19). I studied forestry and wildlife management at Colorado State University and worked for the National Park Service for 36 years. From 1980 to 1997, I was a park ranger in Yellowstone and a member of the team that restored wolves there. Obviously, CWD gets my attention, because not only it could shut down big game hunting in my home state, but because it could also have profound effects on wild ecosystems there. Peterson demonstrated in her article that she had done some reading on CWD.  However, I did not see any reference to the possibility that predators could very effectively limit or eliminate CWD if given the opportunity. Something to consider.

Norman A. Bishop
Bozeman, Montana

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