False kinship


I have been reading HCN since 2001, during my early college days at Western State in Gunnison. I have never been as unimpressed by an essay as I was by Gabriela Halas’ “Killing the Goat” (HCN, 10/28/19). The writer’s “true kinship” with the two animals she killed retards the idea of hunting ethics and spirituality in the same article. Her lackadaisical pursuit of the wounded goat and eventual killing of a small female bear are stupefying. To suggest that the bear was making a “purposeful advance” is simplistic and lazy. To be clear, we are speaking of a black bear here, not a brown bear. While we will never know the true nature of what happened, the publication of this article lends legitimacy to poor hunting choices and perverts the ideals of “elemental connection” and wild intimacy that Halas allegedly pursues.

Blake Fredrickson
Durango, Colorado

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