Another badly written initiative


In my opinion, the carbon tax initiative failed because of the way it was written and the open-ended question of costs (“What Killed Washington’s Carbon Tax?HCN, 1/21/19). I’m a retired senior citizen, considered low-income, and I find living here is becoming unaffordable, within 20 square miles. I read the initiative, as I don’t sign or vote for anything until I read the whole thing. Nearly every initiative is badly written, and this one was no exception. It left too many openings for raising costs. It also put forth a ridiculous statement to create and support family-sustaining jobs in Washington. What bullshit is that? It was like a bait-and-switch. If you expect a carbon tax of any kind to pass, there must be a full, open account of dollars, and in this initiative, there wasn’t. In fact, it appeared that no one knew exactly what the costs would be. Are you freaking kidding me?

C. Richardson
Lynnwood, Washington

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