Skip the talking points


An HCN article, “Frontier myths crash into Trump’s border wall” (HCN, 9/16/19), recently came across my Facebook news feed. I’m a fairly new subscriber and just started following along on social media, and I was mildly shocked at the complete lack of nuanced thought in the comments. That’s the typical online climate today, but I expected different from the type of people I thought read High Country News. I’ll say here what I said there: I don’t know if I’d call the border wall “racist” as HCN did, but it’s certainly being built on President Trump’s predication that the people coming across our southern border are murderers and rapists. I’ve got no time for right-wing or left-wing talking points ... or arguments written in all caps! Let’s express our opinions, but have something (anything!) to back them up, please.

Matt Harding
Los Angeles, California

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