Not-so-speculative journalism


I’ve never been a fan of science fiction and was skeptical of your “speculative journalism” issue (HCN, 8/19/19), so I only skimmed most of it. But the article on Glacier National Park 50 years in the future got me thinking about how much the West has changed since I moved here 46 years ago. Winters are warmer with less snow, temperatures fluctuate year-round, and the sun is a burning hot enemy instead of welcome heat on a cool day. Our mountains are covered in dead trees. Probably worst is the poor air quality, not just along the Front Range where I live, but throughout the West. I recently drove from Fort Collins, Colorado, to Portland, Oregon, and back, and not once did I get to enjoy those beautiful clear blue skies that used to be the norm. Now, my big question is, what can I do about it?

Mary Humstone
Fort Collins, Colorado

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