Nuclear propaganda


I was very disappointed by “Generation Atomic” (HCN, 12/10/18), which read like pro-nuke propaganda. Uranium mining, milling, processing and transport all take up a huge amount of natural resources and produce carbon emissions. Furthermore, nuclear waste, which remains toxic for hundreds of thousands of years, is currently stored in thin-walled stainless steel canisters in the United States, unlike the more robust casks that are the standard for the rest of the world. At California’s San Onofre nuclear power plant, corroded, cracking canisters, full of highly radioactive waste, are sitting dangerously close to the ocean. In the process of moving them farther from the shore and into storage holes, a canister once nearly fell 18 feet.

Once there is an accident, there is no way to completely decontaminate the environment, as we have seen in Chernobyl, Ukraine, and Fukushima, Japan. Even decades later, radiation levels remain frighteningly high in rural and “wild” areas. In the Western U.S., this will turn into a double threat, due to the frequency and scale of wildfires.

Recently, a wide area of Southern California was exposed to radiation when the Woolsey Fire broke out at the Santa Susana Field Lab, site of a partial meltdown in 1959. Since the accident, horrifying cancer clusters have been documented within a 2-mile radius. Residents are once again rallying and protesting the incomplete cleanup. Perhaps the Mothers for Nuclear should meet with the mothers of Santa Susana.

Carole Hisasue
San Luis Obispo Mothers for Peace 
Los Osos, California

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