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The state of Jefferson is alive and well


A letter to the editor by Piers Strailey (“State of Dysfunction,” HCN, 3/5/18) was packed with errors about the state of Jefferson. As the co-chairman of the Plumas County State of Jefferson Committee, I will correct the record. Mark Baird never pressured the board of supervisors, as Strailey claims. Baird was asked by residents of Plumas County to address the board of supervisors detailing plans for the state of Jefferson, drawing overflow crowds of 200 plus Jefferson supporters.

Strailey claims the sparsely populated northern counties of California are subsidized by taxpayers for a wide array of governmental services. In fact, while Plumas County is definitely a poor county, it mostly funds itself. Strailey also claims that the U.S. District Court of California dismissed a suit filed by the state of Jefferson. In fact, on Feb. 1, the judge asked attorneys to make some changes to the lawsuit and gave us until March 18 to re-file. The suit has been re-filed.

Howard Thomas
Portola, California