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The border wall’s silver lining


I have owned a ranch property in Arizona a stone’s throw from Mexico for nearly 40 years. I was slack-jawed reading Brian Calvert’s latest dark editor’s note (“The great divider,” HCN, 3/19/18), this time regarding the illusion of a borderland with no border. Perhaps Mr. Calvert should visit more of what he wants to unite because I can assure you it is only because an actual fenced border exists that so much of southern Arizona is still largely environmentally intact.

This constant negative perspective is getting old — the world is not coming to an end and the election of Donald Trump has woken up people on both sides of the issues. Every cloud has a silver lining! I have one of those new surveillance integrated fixed towers overlooking my place — I couldn’t be more pleased. The largely remote ranchlands along the border are dangerous places. I have been working on and supporting environmental issues my whole life, and solutions can and will be found for most concerns. Back in the day, we believed a positive perspective produced results. Please, Mr. Calvert, lighten up!

Greg McKennis
Glenwood Springs, Colorado