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Know the West

Keeping the faith


Like many such articles, this was one-sided and glossed over important issues regarding state control of our bodies and families (HCN, 2/19/18). I was baptized into the First Church of Christ, Scientist at the age of three days, and while I no longer attend church regularly, my faith is an important part of my life, from overcoming addictions, maintaining health, restoring family relationships and having faith in an unpredictable world. The statement that “belief and practice are two different things” is erroneous. Faith without works is like a dry cloud passing over a parched landscape. There are those who are invested in “protecting” us who have no problem shoving us into the same medical-industrial complex that created polio victims, misdiagnosed breast cancer, spawned a generation of painkiller addicts and created untold deaths from hospital infections. No, thank you. I will keep my faith, and you can keep your profit-driven factory. In the meantime, thank you, Idaho legislators, for keeping your nose out of my health.

Mike Settell
Pocatello, Idaho