Disparaging words needed


In response to Brian Calvert’s editor’s note, “Science Matters,” (HCN, 2/19/18), in which he claims to get letters asking him to “stop disparaging the president,” I say: “Disparaging words needed, more than ever.” Anyone who reads and supports HCN and is offended by disparagement of the president does not, in my opinion, support the goal of HCN to report, and sometimes opine, on matters affecting the management of our natural resources. If you are offended by remarks about this president — or any politician who threatens the environmental and conservation goals we have established over several decades — think about what you really support. Politics play a significant role in almost all environmental regulation and policy, but to ignore how they affect our natural world is to threaten our existence. Cutting rules put in place to protect and manage our natural resources is dangerous and irresponsible. This administration represents an all-out war on our environment and nature not seen since the days of President Ronald Reagan and his Interior secretary, James Watt. Then again, Watt was one of the best things that ever happened to the conservation and environmental movement.

Jim McGannon
Denver, Colorado

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