Video: The end of snow

A film explores how people will adapt to a future with less snow.


The End of Snow from Day's Edge Productions on Vimeo.

From rugged peaks to a sprawling ranch, The End of Snow seeks out people working to understand the past, present and future of snow. Jane Zelikova, a climate scientist who traces her love of snow to her birthplace in Ukraine, interviews a University of Wyoming researcher who dredges the bottom of alpine lakes to trace historic climate variations, a Colorado man who has been meticulously recording snowpack for 40 years, and a Wyoming rancher trying to cope with the uncertainty of a fluctuating water supply.

“When I started on this adventure, I wanted to learn what was happening to our snow,” Zelikova says in the film, which assesses the state of snow in the mountains of Colorado and Wyoming. The film makes it clear that snowpack is decreasing, and the question becomes not how to reverse the decline, but how to adapt to a future with less snow. “We can either weep to see it go or do something about it,” Zelikova says. “I know which one I choose.”

The End of Snow
Morgan Heim and Jane Zelikova, Day’s Edge Productions.
21 minutes
Streaming at, 2016.