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Working within the system


Perhaps if Kayla Brown (“A Separatist State of Mind,” HCN, 1/22/18) had spent the last five years working to reinvigorate “the Northstate” instead of trying to divide the state, her husband might have a job in the area she loves. She could have been working with Extension Services and community colleges to bring in educational opportunities for retraining unemployed citizens. She could have been pushing for issues that would improve the area to draw in more businesses. She could have been lobbying businesses to bring in business opportunities. She could have been researching for federal and state grants to aid small businesses. The winery could have started an internship program. She could have been working to regulate marijuana-growing farms for the legalization of recreational marijuana. Why didn’t she start using the monthly digital newsletter to promote growth? She could have accomplished a lot by using the system instead of fighting it.

Carol Fleshman
Holyoke, Colorado