It’s all partisan now


I feel compelled to comment on Monica Gokey’s article, “Is sporting a Patagonia fleece now a political statement?” (HCN, 12/10/18), which I found curious on many fronts. If “it’s a cardinal sin for reporters to display anything that might lead sources to believe we are anything but neutral parties,” then your considerations need to go much, much deeper than displaying a “fashion faux pas” Patagonia label. Spandex, for example, is manufactured by Invista, owned by Koch Industries. Many mobile devices, consumer electronics, and medical devices come from Molex Inc., also owned by Koch Industries. Idaho’s newly elected governor, Brad Little, R, received donations from the National Rifle Association. Why would Patagonia’s owner, Yvon Chouinard, not have the same right to support the candidates he believes in?  

Mary Ann Kruse
Bend, Oregon

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