Cases to consider


In addition to the case at point in Gloria Dickie’s article, (“A precedent for species recovery?HCN, 1/22/18), the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals has made two other rulings in the Great Lakes wolf case that deserve mention. First, it ruled that the Fish and Wildlife Service has the authority to delist a distinct population segment. Second, and most important, when it does delist that distinct population, the agency must also consider the effects of that delisting on both the distinct population and on the remaining population that remains listed. This latter point is the one that poses the biggest problem with the delisting of Yellowstone’s grizzlies. If the Fish and Wildlife Service were to consider the effect of delisting the Yellowstone population on bears elsewhere, it would have to conclude that it sets back overall grizzly bear recovery.

Dave Knibb
Bellevue, Washington

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