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Bundy’s ‘Wild West’


Ryan Bundy thinks that he still lives in the Old West of “make your own laws and bring a gun to enforce them” (“Ryan Bundy’s West,” HCN, 12/25/17). Thank goodness we had level-headed people years ago who decided that in order to have a civil society, we needed some boundaries and guidelines. Bundy said the trial is about property rights, and the Bureau of Land Management should make the same case. Some time ago, these lands were designated public, owned by the federal government. They are cared for with taxes from everyone, and Mr. Bundy should be grateful he can use them for a small fee for his own gain. If he wants to live in the “Wild West,” maybe he would like Colombia or El Salvador, where it’s easier to be your own lawman. I’m completely baffled by the Bundys and their friends, who don’t seem to understand that laws help people get along. The law makes a more level playing field, where each person is afforded some semblance of equality. If they don’t like the current legal situation, they can change it by finding enough people who agree with them and having a vote. I don’t care for a lot of what goes on in the United States, but I’m grateful we have a system to change things we don’t like, so we don’t have to resort to guns and violence. I hope the prosecutors do the very best job they can so that we won’t have more people taking the law into their own hands. People get killed that way.  

Karen Jaeger
Longmont, Colorado