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Know the West

Misguided new direction


After 30-plus years of constant reading, I have read my final issue of HCN (8/20/18). Brian Calvert’s recent editor’s notes and many of your more recent essays and writers’ opinions have left me saddened that what was once the finest journal on the issues affecting the Intermountain West seems to have become just another “woke” partisan magazine. As our country slowly descends into tribalism, your embrace of the identity politics that poisons our union is especially disheartening. I know that I’m far from alone in leaving the fold and can only hope that your new stance has attracted more subscribers, donors and advertisers to help make up for the losses. I sincerely wish you all the best, but I can’t help wondering what my old friend Tom Bell would have made of your profoundly misguided evolution.

John Mumaw
Cortez, Colorado