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The long view


Thank you, Anna V. Smith, for your article “Reclaiming the Klamath” (HCN, 6/11/18). And thank you, Amy Cordalis, for your hard work toward this end. A recreation outreach meeting was held in Copco, California, on June 12 by the Klamath River Renewal Corporation. Four community liaisons gave a presentation to an unfriendly, disruptive audience. Dam removal is controversial!

PacifiCorp, owner of the dams slated for removal, has decided to decommission them, citing the high cost of the upgrades required by the California State Water Resources Control Board. Actions short of dam removal will not eliminate the toxic algae that kill salmon and can sicken small children and pets. Property values next to the reservoirs may drop when the dams go, only to rise with river views. Restoring the health of the Klamath River by dam removal and restorative work will, in the long run, benefit all.

John Bermel
Hornbrook, California