Set aside the stoke


I presume it was an intentional editorial decision by HCN, but the same issue that contains this article (“Your stoke won’t save us,” HCN, 5/14/18) also contains an article on how a group of mountain biking enthusiasts are seeking a legislative change to the Wilderness Act to allow mountain bike riding in designated wilderness areas (“Bikes in wilderness?” HCN, 5/14/18). If that is what “stoke” is, then it most certainly will not “save us.” The only thing that will save what is left of our rapidly diminishing natural world is the appreciation of its intrinsic values, which are well beyond those superficial ones that feed our stoke. That, and the recognition that sometimes we need to forgo our stoke so that the natural world can survive and be in some sort of shape to allow future generations to know it, too.

Scott Finley
El Dorado Hills, California

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