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Know the West

Willful ignorance


I still find it somewhat astounding that these “range rights” folks seem to forget, ignore or seem plain outraged over the simple fact that they are accessing resources that belong to everyone in the country and not managing private property (“Rebels vs. Reporters,” HCN, 5/28/18). What they are complaining about is not a property right, it is an access privilege to public-trust resources and properties.

The right of the federal government to hold title to and manage land in the public trust is enshrined in the same Constitution that they seem to think grants them title to do whatever they wish with land they don’t own and have never owned. The Bundy clan is a prime example of this line of misdirected faith. At least I think it’s faith, because it sure isn’t rational thought.

Overall, it is an amazing display of willful ignorance by a minority with a vested economic interest in exploiting the commons we all value.

Tim Baker
Eureka, California