The ski resorts of the West

From Alaska to New Mexico, a new map offers a comprehensive look at where to shred.


This poster-sized map — more suited to your living room wall than your backpack — highlights the alpine ski resorts dotting Western North America from Alaska to New Mexico. Created by Marmota Maps, a German company, Ski Resorts of the West offers the elevation range and skiable miles for 246 downhill areas, as well as their difficulty level. Montana’s Big Sky Resort, with about 20 percent of its terrain devoted to relatively easy runs, sounds good for beginners; to get above 12,000 feet, check out Taos Ski Valley in New Mexico or a handful of Colorado’s resorts.

The map also breaks down ski resort information by state, province or territory, allowing for easy comparisons as you contemplate your next winter adventure. So where can you find the most miles of slope? Snowy Colorado wins in a landslide, with more than 1,500.

  • Infographics about slope miles, tallest mountain and more complete the map.

  • There are 246 ski resorts marked on the map.

  • Ski resorts in the West, below Canada.

Ski Resorts of the West
Marmota Maps.
36-by-48 inches: €60.00 (about $72).


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