For green writers

  Environmental issues are particularly difficult for journalists from small newspapers and broadcast stations who do not have the benefit of large libraries, colleges or conferences. "Charting the Environmental Journalism Frontier," an April 14-16 workshop at the University of Colorado at Boulder, will help such journalists develop a better understanding of environmental issues in the West. The workshop includes talks about the regulation of private property, jobs and the environment, and environmental justice. It concludes with an all-day field trip to Rocky Mountain National Park. A public debate included in the workshop, "What is the Best Use of Public Lands?" pits Frank Falen, an attorney from Cheyenne, Wyo., against attorney Maggie Fox of the Sierra Club. The Center for Environmental Journalism will select 25 journalists for the conference and provide them with free room and board. Interested journalists should submit a letter describing how the workshop would benefit them by March 15 to Center for Environmental Journalism, University of Colorado School of Journalism and Mass Communication, Campus Box 287, Boulder, CO 80309-0287 (303/492-4114).

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