Saving spotted cows

  • Save the Spotted Cow bumper sticker

  More than 1,000 miners, loggers and ranchers rallied in Boise Jan. 18 to save "endangered people." Partly organized by Sen. Larry Craig, R-Idaho, supporters of the rally said environmental controls were socialistic and may snuff out traditional extraction-based industries. "When you deny the cutting of a tree, you've denied somebody a job," Craig told the Idaho Statesman. Posters and bumper stickers at the rally included "Clinton-free zone" and "Save the spotted cow." Melinda Harm, a lobbyist for the Idaho Conservation League, says the rally really served as part of Craig's re-election campaign. Instead of suggesting solutions, she says, Craig wants to use environmentalists as scapegoats to distract people from real problems and real solutions. Interior Secretary Bruce Babbitt complained about the divisive nature of the gathering, saying, "This is not the time for rallies and divisions and slogans; this is the time for sitting down together, recognizing that we share many of the same goals." Wise-use activists are planning another rally, this time against grizzly bear recovery.

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