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Know the West

Andy Kerr on the warpath

  Andy Kerr, conservation director for the Oregon Natural Resources Council, filed a criminal trespass complaint against a Spokane, Wash., television reporter for being on his recently purchased property in Wallowa County, Ore. without permission. Tom Grant of KREM-TV was discovered on the front porch Feb. 6 by the house's caretaker after he had videotaped the interior of Kerr's house through windows. Grant was pursuing a story on whether Kerr's ownership of a log house conflicted with his views on stewardship of natural resources, said KREM-TV news editor Paul Gilbert. Grant was driven to Kerr's house by county judge Arleigh Isley, a cattle rancher, and county commissioner Pat Wortman, a cattle rancher and timber operator. "Whether it was trespassing remains to be seen," said Gilbert. "This station respects the private rights of others." Kerr, who said he currently lives in a wood house in Portland, is undeterred in his plans. "I and my wife and her three mean dogs are moving there, and I'm bringing my gun collection," he told The Oregonian. "Anybody's got the right to live anywhere they want. I just wish those individuals who wish to harass me would wait until I'm there."