She knows about jets

  Dear HCN,

Your Oct. 2 article about the jet noise in a Colorado wilderness made me realize that I might be able to help after fighting the jet noise from San Francisco Airport for 25 years.

First, start by learning everything about the way the Federal Aviation Administration handles takeoffs and landings in every type of weather and every type of plane at Denver International Airport. If the airport has a sound abatement or noise committee, make sure that you have representatives of your groups attend every meeting: the bigger the coalition of angry people, the better.

Second, learn how much control the airport has, how much FAA has, and how much the individual pilot has about where he flies and how he flies. Since we live in the "mountains' where the planes take off, we sympathize with you.

Sylvia M. Gregory

San Bruno, California

Sylvia Gregory coordinates the A.I.R. Force, which stands for Airport Impact Reduction Force. She can be reached at 141 Madison Ave., San Bruno, CA 94066, or by e-mail at [email protected]

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