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Speaking for the trees


Cally Carswell has given a voice to rare plants. I thoroughly enjoyed her article “Threatened plants on state lands have few protections” (HCN, 11/27/17). Thank you for dedicating a feature article to the plight of rare plants. “Plant blindness” is a widespread malady that can only be cured by repeated exposure to the sublime world of plants in their wild habitats. While I wholeheartedly support the efforts to protect endangered animals, rare plants deserve more attention and resources. Consider the gypsum wild buckwheat, which blooms in exceptionally harsh conditions. Such plants not only teach us about the evolution and ecology of stress-tolerant organisms, they serve as a model for humanity in these troubling times. Be staunch, be steadfast, but don’t succumb to baser instincts; rather radiate compassion to extinguish the darkness.

Daniel Laughlin
Laramie, Wyoming