Toward understanding


I subscribed to HCN in the ’80s and ’90s. I enjoyed it because at that time HCN seemed to be somewhat more balanced. I can remember articles about farmers and others who were profiled positively for protecting the environment, yet still retaining farming as their livelihood.

I find no balance at all in today’s HCN. After I subscribed a few months ago, I was appalled at a snide, sarcastic editorial. It is not necessary to resort to that kind of snideness in a publication.

I was as stunned as any by the election of Donald Trump. But I do get it now. The elite and arrogant attitudes of the environmentalists and others do not sit well with many. There has been a distinct lack of respect for good, hard-working people who also love the land, but may not love it in exactly the same way as the people who want to tell them how they must now love the land.

I am hoping for the sake of our country and our planet that rhetoric can be toned down. I was not a Trump supporter. But I am going to sit back and watch. I will applaud the new administration for good decisions and will not automatically be negative about every little thing. If we don’t like him, change will come in four years. But the way environmentalists and others handle themselves will go a long way in making the progressives seem or not seem vindictive or sane. The whining and sniveling are appalling.

Karen Jones
Port Ludlow, Washington

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