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Leaf-peepers aplenty, and welcome to a new staffer

Congratulations to staff members, old and new.


Autumn colors have lit up the aspen and scrub oak around Paonia, High Country News’ home, but snow dusting the mountaintops above town reminds us that winter is on its way. Before it got too cold, our board and several staff members convened in Boulder, Colorado, for a productive board meeting. Meanwhile, more than a few leaf-peepers stopped in to see us in Paonia.

In mid-September, Anne and Mike Crowley, who live outside nearby Crested Butte, and Janice and Rich Shaughnessy of Whidbey Island, Washington, came to call. Subscribers Emery Cowan and Campbell Morrissy from Flagstaff, Arizona, also stopped by — while on their honeymoon, no less. Congratulations, you two!

Longtime reader John Andrick of Buena Vista, Colorado, visited while in town for “vegetables and leaf peeping.” Tim Welch from Littleton, Colorado, dropped by on a sunny September day. Tim says he enjoys reading the magazine cover to cover and to “keep up the good work.” We’re trying!

Subscribers Taylor and Bill Goforth of Olympia, Washington, stopped by with friends from Crested Butte. From Centerville, Utah, came Sheldon and Elaine Wood, subscribers for at least 10 years. Beth Bartel and Rebecca Haacker of Boulder, Colorado, said howdy during a late September visit to the area to admire the leaves and sample our local wine. Kathleen Capels and Terence Yorks of Smithfield, Utah, also came through, sporting “original” HCN T-shirts and deep ties with the magazine. In early October, Laura Getts of Pueblo, Colorado, dropped in to say hello.

Now for some congratulations: Former HCN contributing editor Glenn Nelson won second place in the Society of Environmental Journalists’ annual awards, in the “outstanding beat reporting, small market” category, for a series of HCN stories on race and diversity in the outdoors. Former editorial fellow Lyndsey Gilpin was recently elected to the society’s board. Well done, Glenn and Lyndsey!

We’re also happy to welcome our newest staff member, Laura Dixon, who will help us with advertising, sponsorships and event planning as our new events and business partner coordinator. Laura moved here from Seattle, but she’s no stranger to Colorado’s Western Slope, having lived in nearby Basalt for several years before decamping for Portland, Maine, then Seattle. Laura says she loves HCN because it keeps her connected to the West and “takes me on journeys to places I haven’t been.” Welcome, Laura!

Finally, we have a few corrections. In “Buying Time” (HCN, 9/18/17) we incorrectly identified Ramón Gallego as a student at the University of Washington; he is a postdoctoral fellow. We also described climate change as being a contributor to ocean acidification; climate change and ocean acidification are both the result of excessive greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. In “Following Ancient Footsteps” (HCN, 10/2/17), Isaiah Viarrial of Pojoaque Pueblo, not Jake Viarrial, was pictured at an archaeological site. And an Aug. 7 Heard Around the West item about a canny crow researcher misspelled the researcher’s last name. It is Kaeli Swift, not Smith.